Smadav 2019 for Windows 7 32-bit and 64bit

Get Smadav | Smadav 2019 for Windows 7 32-bit and 64bit – Smadav is an antivirus artificial children of the nation, which until now a tragedy which is very remarkable. Not only that, Smadav Latest Antivirus 2019 for windows 7 this also has advantages over well-known antivirus other. Even viruses that are currently unknown by the antivirus other Smadav already have the database. That is Smadav also excels in the updates in the latest version.

Smadav 2019

Smadav Antivirus 2019 for Windows 7

Smadav 2019 for pc antivirus is one of the best local that can be trusted to keep our computer from the attacks of various viruses or malware that is quite annoying. Although this antivirus is an antivirus artificial children of the country, but its ability to keep our computer or laptop is also quite powerful . Moreover Smadav the Latest is known as an antivirus that is very light, even you will not feel install antivirus in your computer.

Smadav famous among the people of Indonesia as one of the anti-virus best locally made Indonesia. With the complete features, lightweight, easy to use, and always give the update routine, then it is not wrong if Smadav 2019 free download pc a favorite choice of anti-virus in Indonesia. In anticipation of the development of a Ransomware virus, WannaCry is rampant lately, Smadav also publishes updates of a new version.

Has now release Smadav the latest Smadav 2019. For database antivirus of more in the Smadav version now. In addition Smadav 2019 this is considered as a version that is very stable. So what are you waiting, soon you download Smadav 2019 this now also?

Smadav Latest Antivirus 2019 for Windows 7 does not always update. But require time for the development of the next. Also, repair from time to time makes Smadav growing. Interestingly Smadav 2019 free download also has all the other unique. Maybe you are curious about the unique features Smadav 2019 update.

Main features Smadav :

  • Additional protection for Your computer, 100% compatible with another antivirus!
  • Best USB Antivirus (Total Protection USB Flashdisk)
  • Best for offline use (no need to update too often)
  • Cleaner and tools to clean the virus
Smadav 2019 for Windows 7 32-bit and 64bit
Smadav 2019 for Windows 7 32-bit and 64bit

To prevent Virus Ransomware WannaCry with Smadav Antivirus

Prevention is better than cure. This maxim seems to also apply to device our computer. Especially in the face of the “disease” of an attack or virus infection. As crowded reported lately about the outbreak of the attack of Ransomware Virus WannaCry in different parts of the world including Indonesia. It would be good to prevent the attack of the virus as early as possible. One way to prevent a ransomware virus wanna cry is by using anti-virus Smadav.

WannaCry is one type of virus in the form of Ransomware which type of attack is very deadly because of the “holding” file. Ransomware WannaCry infects your computer and encrypt the data on Your computer so it can not be accessed. Worse, although the makers of Ransomware WannaCry ask for a ransom and promising to give the encryption key to restore Your data, it turns out that there is no definite assurance for it.

In the latest version Smadav since version 2017 and then, Smadav published safety features prevention of virus Ransomware WannaCry. On download Smadav 2019 for pc this latest version, Smadav added security settings with options features disable SMB v1 (Server Message Block) connection. Features SMB (Server Message Block) on Windows operating system is known serves as the setting for sharing data and printers between users network (LAN/WIRELESS networking). Smadav the latest include the setting to disable the function of the SMB who is suspected is one of the entrances of the spread of the virus Ransomware WannaCry.

Free Download Smadav 2019 for Windows 7

For those of you who already understand Smadav Latest Antivirus 2019 how it works and what its benefits please directly can be obtained for free here. we also provide Smadav 2019 for Windows 7 is that you can use for you to download for free. So you can enjoy all the features of Smadav.

Smadav 2019 for Windows 7  free download

Download Smadav Smadav 2019 Version

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